Machine Shop

We are a small engineering company based in the midlands who have been in the trade since the 80’s. Most of the time we are machinists, but we also have good knowledge of how production works & can offer on-site support to assist with plant improvement as we have done over the last 30 years.

Being a small company, we have a close relationship with most of our customers, making it an easy process to get parts manufactured on short lead times.

Food factory machinery has typically been the focus when it comes to parts manufacturing, a good reputation has been established within several large organisations who supply goods worldwide. Our aim is to provide this level of quality & service to more companies.

Please find all our contact details for the machine shop at the bottom of this page.

CNC Machining

Our main services evolve around CNC machining. With a wide range of machine tools, we have the capacity to produce complex components at competitive costs.

Unlike most machine shops, our machinists are not in the categories of ‘Programmer’, ‘Setter’ or ‘operator’, our machinists must complete jobs start to finish, forcing competence & the ability to produce high quality components at a competitive cost.

We have CNC machine tools as well as conventional machines, allowing us to manufacture a wide variety of parts.

Spectroform have been known to develop a variety of parts for various companies, by making them easier to machine, therefore reducing manufacturing time & cost.

On Site Support

We offer on-site support to assist with development on plant improvement & parts development. By working with our machine shop we can offer a full start to finish project to the customers requirements.

Drawing Assistance

Engineering drawings are often key to clarity on parts, and often a decisive factor on whether the job is correct or not. We assist with CAD drawings and draw them to ISO standards.


We have access to high quality fabrication services within the same building, further allowing us to keep jobs/projects under our own management. Anything from one off bespoke projects to batch work.

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